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Pull Me Into Darkness - ink by ashkey Pull Me Into Darkness - ink by ashkey
Meh, I'm not quite done yet. This is just the inked version, and there's a bunch of crap around it.

I started this a day before the Ryou one (see previous), but got stuck and didn't work on it for awhile. Amanda posed for this one also, and he doesn't have pupils because everytime I draw them in it looks so retarted I have to erase right away.

Anyway, I'm just gonna colour this on normally. No lighting effects or anything. The background is probably just going to be a bunch of designs, because I really love doing them and so far they've come out nicely.

As for the doodles and words: A Fish Called Wanda was on Family while I was sketching the background so I wrote down some of the things they said, such as, "Lets fight like men!" and "You spineless bimbo." Yeaaahh.

I might keep those designs in the background. Maybe, maybe not. It was just a test.

*Always writes too much* =/

Black ink and HB pencil.
Yami Bakura is Kazuki Takahashi's.
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Hyjekna Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2004
Yami Bakura anything = favorite.

*worships the ground you walk on, then Bakuras. :D* Yummmmmmmmm.

Btw, keep the things you have around him, it looks really nice, but for kicks maybe add an ankh somewhere. >3
LufaMouse Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2004  Student Traditional Artist
gotta love those eyes!!
TornMaidenTerra Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2004
I love the eyes, very nice. Kinda remind me of the eyes I draw on one of my characters ~Terra~...hmm very nice, can't wait until you finish it...

Terra :earth:
caitlinwildhagen Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2004   Interface Designer
OMG!!!!! This is SOOO gorgeous! You draw so well!!! Yami Bakura is a hard character to draw, but you did him justice!!!! ^^
ashkey Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2004  Professional General Artist
^_^~ Thank you very much for the fave and comments~:heart:
jackalandromeda Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2004
You have a very nice style! The lines are so bold and clean. I like the expression, and the pose is cool too. I like the way you drew his hands, and also the collar bone/clavicle thingies.
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July 10, 2004
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